Datasets and Benchmarks

Benchmark 1:

Time-dependent Interdependent Network Design Problem (td-INDP) Database

Considering the limited data available to perform recovery and resilience analysis on interdependent infrastructure networks, we have compiled relevant data to serve as a benchmark for such analyses. In particular, this database is developed using recovery strategies generated from the time-dependent Interdependent Network Design Problem (td-INDP). The studied system of systems includes stylized versions of the water, gas, and power networks for Shelby County, TN, USA.

Download background documentation here: Documentation.

Download td-INDP database here: Database_tdINDP .

Benchmark 2:

Network Reliability

Many methods (analytical and simulation) have been proposed in the literature to compute network reliability. However, given the wide range of applications, a systematic study of their guarantees of approximation and running times is crucial to better inform network modelers on their performance. Below we list some estimation techniques and illustrative applications as benchmarks.

  • Source-Terminal network reliability in square grid networks. See documentation here: Documentation.Download the benchmark data here: Grid Benchmarks.
  • Recursive Decomposition Algorithms: Derivation of upper and lower bounds for the two-terminal reliability problem. See tutorial for: Reliability of Grid Networks .