Prospective Students

The SISRRA group welcomes applications of outstanding undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students.  Financial support is typically provided for long-term research projects.  Current topics of interest for the 2015-2020 application include:

  • Probabilistic risk and resilience analysis methods for infrastructure systems
  • Structural and infrastructural system reliability techniques
  • Smart grid resilience and mitigation
  • Wind turbines, wind farms, and grid connectivity
  • Complexity and criticality in infrastructure engineering
  • Dimension reduction for system reliability assessment
  • Network science applications to lifeline systems
  • Theoretical and computational probabilistic methods in infrastructure engineering
  • Optimization-based Infrastructure Engineering
  • Formal methods and algorithmic logic for infrastructure performance assessment.

Students with background and/or interests in probabilistic methods applied to civil engineering, operations research, reliability-based structure and infrastructure design, wind engineering, time-series, and network science are welcome to apply.