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Hurricane risk assessment and evacuation behavior


Funding: Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security of the City of Houston
Collaborators: Robert Stein, Rice University; Devika Subramanian, Rice University; Birnur Guven, HARC;

: Akwasi F. Mensah

This project will develop an online tool that City of Houston citizens can use to determine the magnitude of the risks they could face when exposed to hurricane events.  The “Storm Risk Calculator” provides estimates at the neighborhood level of the consequences of being exposed to wind, flood, surge, as well as the likelihood of power outages.  Citizens empowered with this information, in particular those who live outside evacuation zones, can plan for intra-city evacuation or time their evacuation to not conflict with evacuees from mandatory evacuation zones.

Visit the "Storm Risk Calculator ".

Storm Surge Calculator 
 Storm risk calculator for the Houston area and surrounding cities.